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Community Transition Program
A Brief History

In 2001, Indiana enacted a law establishing a statewide Community Transition Program (CTP). The law allows offenders to serve the last 60 to 180 days of their prison time in this program, depending on their class of offense. In most cases, the approval of the sentencing court is needed in order for the offender to be placed in the program.

On July 1, 2003, the Center for Community Justice (CCJ) assumed the responsibility for Elkhart County's Community Transition Program.

Program Overview

The Department of Correction notifies the sentencing court and CCJ when an offender is eligible for the program. If requested, CCJ staff reviews the information, contacts family or other local support and then makes a recommendation to the court regarding the placement.

Once the offender is accepted in the program, CCJ staff is in regular contact with the institution, and the final details of the transition are made.

Within a day or two of their release, clients are evaluated regarding risk factors for re-offending. A plan is then developed to address those critical areas. Housing, employment, addictions, family and interpersonal relationships and developing some short-term goals are all a part of the individualized case plan. Additionally, all program clients are required to attend and complete the Life After Incarceration course, which meets for 12 consecutive weeks.

As part of their accountability, clients are given random drug tests. When necessary, they can be placed on house arrest and monitored by CCJ staff.

CCJ staff assists clients in finding, securing and maintaining employment. If no suitable housing is available, CCJ staff places CTP clients in temporary transitional housing.

The "Community" Role

The Center for Community Justice believes community involvement is vital for CTP clients to make a successful transition from incarceration.

Encouraging community involvement, CCJ staff educates the public about the needs of individuals wanting to make a successful transition into our community. CCJ staff accomplishes this through public forums and by speaking to various groups, including the faith community. If your organization or group would like to have a CTP presentation, please contact the Center for Community Justice to make arrangements.

In their own words...

"...I would like for everyone that is being released be able to experience this program. The education from this program is priceless..." ~C.J.

"...If you respect the program the program will respect you." ~E.H.

"...I am in the transition program...I am so glad that I've been blessed to finally feel I have a chance in society...
I love that I have boundaries now. I know that as long as I remain sober and stay honest, I can make it...
This is taxpayer money well spent..." ~ E.J.E.